Reduce your environmental footprint one strategy at a time.

Have a stoop sale

A stoop sale gives you a Quadruple Whammy:

You get rid of junk.
You can find a new home for the things you no longer have a use for.
You can schmooze with the neighbors (bonus points if you augment your stoop sale with a bake sale).
Make a few bucks!

 You can increase your audience by teaming up with [...]

Green fashion

Of all the strategies we’ll post about this year, this is the one I probably know the least about…but here goes:
Fashion can reasonably be described as planned obsolescence – Each season’s new styles require new upgrades and disposal of the old unfashionable stuff.
However, there are a few things we can do to green our fashion [...]

Composting – c’mon a worm farm isn’t that gross!

First of all, what is compost?
Finished compost, sometimes called humus (not to be confused with the middle eastern delicacy made out of chick peas), is dark brown or black and looks and smells like good, healthy, fertile dirt. Compost is the result of the managed decomposition of yard trimmings, kitchen scraps and leaves.
You can [...]

Three Ways To Save Resources: Tracking, Tracking, Tracking

Let’s get started.
You can’t lose weight without a scale, you don’t know if you’re speeding without a speedometer, how in the world are you supposed to reduce your energy consumption without some tracking devices. We’ll highlight some more sophisticated tracking methods in future weeks but for now let’s get some baseline information.
Download this tracking sheet [...]


Established in 1999, Ellen Honigstock Architect PC is a full-service architecture and energy auditing firm based in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Our solutions are environmentally conscious and the criteria we use are based on national standards developed to bring long-term saving, efficiency and well-being to our clients. Over 35 years combined experience building in New York City gives us an edge in meeting tough schedules and navigating the city's complicated requirements.

About Ellen:

As the Residential Green Building Advocate for the Urban Green Council since 2007, Ellen has been promoting sustainability in the residential marketplace in NYC.

In the position of Chair of the Homes Subcommittee the NYC Greening the Codes Task Force, Ellen has been heavily involved in recommending new green policy in NYC as related to updating building codes, rules and regulations.

Ellen teaches Building Science, Building Envelope, Water Conservation, Indoor Air Quality, Quantifying Energy and Green Building Plans at the 1,000 Green Supers program for The SEIU Local 32 BJ Thomas Shortman Training Fund.

Registered Architect, NY, NJ, CT
LEED Accredited Professional
BPI Certifications:
Building Analyst
Energy Efficient Building Operator
Multi-Family Building Analyst

Ellen Honigstock, LEED AP
Ellen Honigstock Architect PC
45 Main Street #806
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(212) 228-1585


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