Reduce your environmental footprint one strategy at a time.

Use Bio-Heat as a substitute for #2 Heating Oil

New York City has over 960,000 buildings.
Only 9,000 of them (less than 1%) use the dirtiest heating oil (grades #4 and #6). But those 9,000 buildings are responsible for over 86% of the soot and ozone pollution in the air.
These particulates contribute to the failure of New York City’s air to meet the National Ambient Air [...]

Toeprint to Launch Green Brooklyn Energy Audit Campaign on April 24th

At this year’s Friends of Greenwood Playground Spring Flea Market, the Toeprint Project will kick off our Green Brooklyn Energy Audit Campaign to make the buildings in our neighboring communities of Kensington, Windsor Terrace, Flatbush, Ditmas Park Sunset Park and Park Slope more energy efficient!  Come see us at our vendor table.
If you own a 1-4 [...]

Energy Audit = Money in Your Pocket

We weatherized our house last year.  You can read all about it here.
So far, in the 11 months since we completed the work, we have saved approximately $900 on our annual heating bill.  Assuming energy prices remain constant (which they won’t – all projections indicate rising energy prices), we will payback the insulation and air [...]

Teaming Up To Do More Comprehensive Energy Audits

We have some exciting news!
Ellen Honigstock Architect has teamed up with The Chartier Group to provide energy audits for existing buildings large and small!
Is your building overheated in the winter?  Does the air feel too dry?  Is there a lot of dust on the surfaces of your living space?  These could be signs [...]

Neighborhood Energy Forum – Saturday March 20th

Energy Efficiency and Affordability Where We Live!
All I can talk about lately is that 95% (or so) of buildings that will be standing in NYC in 2030 are already built!
That and the fact that 86% of NYC’s energy use comes from those buildings.
What this tells me that reducing energy consumption in our existing buildings needs to be [...]

Obama Announces Details of “Cash for Caulkers” Today

President Obama announced the details of the Homestar Program today.
Rebates would be sent directly to Homeowners.
There are 2 categories for rebates:  Silver Star and Gold Star.
Silver Star rebates would reimburse 50% up to $1,500 to make simple efficiency upgrades such as insulation, duct sealing, water heaters, HVAC units, windows, roofing and doors.  The Homeowner can [...]

If you prefer your invitation to the Chelsea event in comic format…

Check out the latest version of Green Queen!  Click here for a .pdf format.
Details are:
October 14th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
One Jackson Square 122 Greenwich Avenue, NYC
$10 at the door to cover costs.
Thanks to our sponsor, Susan Singer, SVP, The Corcoran Group, NYC’s first Eco-Broker.

Green Queen – Chapter 10

Off the grid & off the pipe…in San Francisco

This is a post from Green Architecture Notes published by Feldman Architecture out in San Francisco.  It describes an energy-neutral house proposed to be constructed next year.
With all the building trends moving towards sustainability here in New York City, it is still SO MUCH more difficult to do a net-zero house here than in the [...]

Radiant Floors

Radiant flooring (also called warm floors or underfloor heating) is a method of providing heat via a series of tubes that carry hot water and are installed just below the surface of the floor.   The Romans used this technology in their baths 2000 years ago by heating fires below their stone floors.
The main benefit [...]

Energy Tracking – More Tools!!

So how’s your tracking going?
After 2 months, we have reduced our electric usage by 7% and water use by 16%! Although tracking adjacent months or quarters is not particularly accurate, it’s like stepping on the scale and seeing that you lost 10 pounds unexpectedly! We’ll take it! The proof will be when we [...]

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Established in 1999, Ellen Honigstock Architect PC is a full-service architecture and energy auditing firm based in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Our solutions are environmentally conscious and the criteria we use are based on national standards developed to bring long-term saving, efficiency and well-being to our clients. Over 35 years combined experience building in New York City gives us an edge in meeting tough schedules and navigating the city's complicated requirements.

About Ellen:

As the Residential Green Building Advocate for the Urban Green Council since 2007, Ellen has been promoting sustainability in the residential marketplace in NYC.

In the position of Chair of the Homes Subcommittee the NYC Greening the Codes Task Force, Ellen has been heavily involved in recommending new green policy in NYC as related to updating building codes, rules and regulations.

Ellen teaches Building Science, Building Envelope, Water Conservation, Indoor Air Quality, Quantifying Energy and Green Building Plans at the 1,000 Green Supers program for The SEIU Local 32 BJ Thomas Shortman Training Fund.

Registered Architect, NY, NJ, CT
LEED Accredited Professional
BPI Certifications:
Building Analyst
Energy Efficient Building Operator
Multi-Family Building Analyst

Ellen Honigstock, LEED AP
Ellen Honigstock Architect PC
45 Main Street #806
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(212) 228-1585


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