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Energy Tracking – More Tools!!

Posted on | March 31, 2009 | No Comments


So how’s your tracking going?

After 2 months, we have reduced our electric usage by 7% and water use by 16%! Although tracking adjacent months or quarters is not particularly accurate, it’s like stepping on the scale and seeing that you lost 10 pounds unexpectedly! We’ll take it! The proof will be when we can compare next year’s usage to this year’s.

We found another great resource: WattzOnpicture-1 (get it?) is a free online tool to quantify, track, compare and understand the total amount of energy needed to support all of the facets of your lifestyle.

You can represent your lifestyle in terms of energy use by a number: Ours currently is 1,182 watts/second more than the average WattzOn user…but hey, we’re working on it. We posted ours on the Toeprint homepage. Let us know how yours compares.

If you have a half hour to spare, you should watch this presentation by Saul Griffith, founder of WattzOn from Pop!Tech 2008 – it is the clearest and most comprehensive discussion of power usage in the modern lifestyle. Saul talks about where energy comes from, how it’s made and how we waste incredible amounts of it on a daily basis. The numbers are shocking but it puts into perspective how our choices truly impact the global environment. If you watch with your school-age kid, the gigantic and colorful graphics will give you many learning and teaching opportunities. I can guarantee that it will change the way you eat, work and travel.

According to this NYT article, people want to know more about their energy usage but they aren’t willing to pay for it.

Did we mention that the Toeprint Project is free?


Because we are concerned with water, trash and recycling in addition to energy, we updated our Toeprint tracking sheet for April, May and June, you can download it here.

Please let us know your progress!


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