Reduce your environmental footprint one strategy at a time.

Commercial & Multi-Family Buildings

An energy audit can identify energy-saving (and money-saving) opportunities throughout your building that will make it healthier, more efficient, durable, water-wise and environmentally responsible.

Small measures add up. Following are the services we offer our clients to improve their buildings’ performance.


  • Calculate the total energy and water consumption of the building.
  • Compare the building’s energy and water consumption to that of other similar buildings.
  • Access to Boiler Room, Utility Room(s) and Roof is requested.

Evaluations, Recommendations and Report:

  • Determination of Building Owner’s goals and priorities.
  • Detailed site survey.
  • Documentation of existing operations and maintenance practices.
  • Identify potential improvements that can reduce operations costs and improve asset value.
  • Areas to be reviewed and included in report:
    • Operations
    • Maintenance Procedures
    • Building Envelope
    • HVAC systems including but not limited to: chilled water systems including condenser water distribution, heating systems and equipment, outdoor ventilation systems and equipment, exhaust air systems and equipment, temperature and humidity control systems.
    • Conveying Systems (elevators etc…)
    • Domestic hot water systems.
    • Water consumption.
    • Electrical and lighting systems

Recommendations of Strategies:

  • We will identify energy conservation measures (ECM’s) with short payback periods.
  • We will also recommend longer term sustainable strategies that will reduce operations costs, improve asset value and make the buildings healthier for occupants.
  • Review of current and available incentives.
  • Meeting with Superintendent or other Personnel is requested.

LEED-EB:O&M Feasibility:

  • Determine whether LEED-Existing Buildings: Operations & Management is feasible and if so, which level of certification is achievable.
  • The certification level recommended will reflect the optimum route for achieving a LEED designation.

Tenant Alteration Agreement:

  • Review Building Management’s specifications for tenant fit-out and develop guidelines as related to energy efficiency and sustainability.
  • Prepare a checklist for all required submittals for alterations.

Implementation of Measures:

  • Architectural and Mechanical Design
  • Filing with NYC DOB, DEP, FDNY as required
  • Competitive Bidding & Value Engineering
  • Inspections
  • Contract administration


Established in 1999, Ellen Honigstock Architect PC is a full-service architecture and energy auditing firm based in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Our solutions are environmentally conscious and the criteria we use are based on national standards developed to bring long-term saving, efficiency and well-being to our clients. Over 35 years combined experience building in New York City gives us an edge in meeting tough schedules and navigating the city's complicated requirements.

About Ellen:

As the Residential Green Building Advocate for the Urban Green Council since 2007, Ellen has been promoting sustainability in the residential marketplace in NYC.

In the position of Chair of the Homes Subcommittee the NYC Greening the Codes Task Force, Ellen has been heavily involved in recommending new green policy in NYC as related to updating building codes, rules and regulations.

Ellen teaches Building Science, Building Envelope, Water Conservation, Indoor Air Quality, Quantifying Energy and Green Building Plans at the 1,000 Green Supers program for The SEIU Local 32 BJ Thomas Shortman Training Fund.

Registered Architect, NY, NJ, CT
LEED Accredited Professional
BPI Certifications:
Building Analyst
Energy Efficient Building Operator
Multi-Family Building Analyst

Ellen Honigstock, LEED AP
Ellen Honigstock Architect PC
45 Main Street #806
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(212) 228-1585


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